Progressive rock Fraternity works!

Concert in Verviers, Belgium.

There was a friendly meeting of proggers from England (Damanek), Australia (Southern Empire), Ukraine (Modern Rock Ensemble) and Germany (Seven Steps to the Green Door) in Verviers, Belgium. In quite a legendary club “Spirit of 66” on the 22nd of November there was a great “Triple X” concert of prominent prog rock bands: Seven Steps to the Green Door, Damanek and – Southern Empire. It was very powerful and cool: great music and great musicians. From Modern-Rock Ensemble there was Vladimir Gorashchenko and me, Andriy Nazarenko. We got acquainted with musicians from these bands, exchanged opinions regarding the music and found a lot in common.

Vladimir is working on his latest concept album “Night Dreams & Wishes” with Sean Timms as co-producer and Brody Green plays drums in a number of pieces. Sean and other guys commented that Max Velychko made a great guitar job in Vladimir’s album. Album will be released in the beginning of 2019. After our cooperation through the email with Sean and Brody it was great to meet them in person.

Sean provided his comments on his FB page: “It was great to meet Vladimir and Andrew, my 2 friends who had journeyed all the way from the Ukraine for the show. I’ve been mixing Vladimir’s album and will finish it when I return from the tour. It was wonderful to be able to put a face to the name. They were very complimentary about our sets and brought us gifts of CD’s, T-shirts and a huge bottle of Ukrainian vodka! Thanks guys!!!”. Sean, but there were 2 bottles of vodka 😃, however maybe your guys already finished one while you were busy performing with Damanek.

Long live rock-n-roll!


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