Wizard`s eyes

Artist: Inside The Sound
Release Date: May 05, 2017
Genres: Progressive rock, Rock music
Available Now On:
1. Intro A Secret Journey
2. Dreaming Deja Vue
3. Empire V
4. Fantasia
5. Friends
6. Haribol
7. Horizon
8. The Cold Spring
9. To The Sky
10. Wizard's Eyes
11. Outro
About New Album

Wizard’s Eyes. The newest album of Inside The Sound (Ukraine) – a project of guitarist and composer Max Velychko (also appeared in Karfagen, Sunchild, Hoggwash, Modern Rock Ensemble) – contain tracks that were composed through the years, and now, after 6 years of silence we are proud to release this album. It sounds a more like prog-melodic- instrumental with wide range of deep guitar works and keyboards palettes based on groovy and powerfull rhytm section. If you’re a fan of Liquid Tension, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai etc – you’ll difenitely like this record.

Each of 11 tracks of this album has its own story and mood – from power and energy of “Wizard’s Eyes” and ” Dreaming Deja Vue”, through a deep and emotional “Horizon”, “Fantasia” and a bit of vedic and phylosophic “Haribol” – to absolutely “flying” “To The Sky” and intimate-feeling “The Cold Spring”. We invite you to take part in our musical journey Inside The Sound, and to be a part of our music stories!