Touch the Mystery

Artist: Modern-Rock Ensemble
Release Date: September 05, 2016
Genres: Progressive rock, Rock music
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1. Meditations (demo)
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2. What Will Happen to My Country? (demo)
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3. Touch the Mystery (demo)
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4. My Angels (demo)
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5. Swamp (demo)
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6. Meditations (Version in Russian)
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About New Album

“Touch the Mystery” is the latest album of the group, it was recorded in 2016. The CD consists mainly of instrumental pieces:

  • Central piece and the title track – “Touch the Mystery” presents a “musical biography” of Vladimir Gorashchenko, rather than just a 20-minute “epic”.
  • “Meditations” was recorded by “Modern Rock Ensemble Putnik” Mk 1 in Italy back in 1988. Part of this recording was used in the track.
  • The “Swamp” was recorded live on a stereo deck during a jazz-rock festival back in 1989 by “Modern Rock Ensemble Putnik” Mk 2, re-mastered in 2014. It gives a good example of what the style of the 4-piece group was then and was its own sound during the concerts. The piece is dedicated to a well-known Russian film director Andrey Tarkovskiy and his creative work that opposed Soviet ideology.
  • Two short pieces: “What will happen to my country?” and “My Angels (dedicated to my wife and daughters)” were played by Vladimir on keyboards and recorded in 2014.