We would like to propose for your kind attention a Ukrainian progressive rock project “Modern – Rock Ensemble”, the album called “Touch the Mystery”. “Modern-Rock Ensemble” is a musical project of Vladimir Gorashchenko – a Ukrainian composer, poet, keyboard/guitar player and producer. Starting from being a devoted fan of 1970’s art-rock Vladimir began composing his own music and step-by-step developed his own style. Musical style of the band is a fusion of art-rock, jazz-rock, cosmic rock, sympho- and ethnic rock. Many talented Ukrainian rock and jazz musicians were involved in this project as well as a string quartet.


From the Author

I was very lucky to meet through my life many talented and gifted musicians.prod2 However, I want to say a few words about Georgiy Cherkasov – great cello player in my first group “Modern Rock Ensemble Putnik”(aka Wayfarer) 1986-88. He passed away, being almost alone, drowned down by a number of bad habits known to many rockers. Being professional cello player that switched to keyboards and bass, Georgiy was arguing with my plans to use cello as one of the leading instruments. I worked with him a lot to find the right balance between clean/electric sound, sound elicitation techniques and our own musical palette. He was great musician, humorous, lazy, weak but charming personality! I saved his cello track in the “Meditations” (1988) and many distinctive bass lines played on cello. There are some other recordings with him and I will try to realize it. I would like people to know and remember him.” Vladimir.

prod3Great support and assistance with the CD came from Anatoliy Soroka – he was a recording and mixing engineer, sound co-producer and had enough long temper to stand my musical and sound researches as well as to fight with my permanent dissatisfaction. “Anatoliy, I am still not 100% satisfied with our result – Ooops.”

Comments from Anatoliy Soroka: “I will not go on commenting Vadimir’s music, since through 5 years of our cooperation on this CD it became a part of my life. I simultaneously hate and admire Vladimir’s way of work and recording. Whether it’s a drummer, sax, tabla, quartet or bass player – Vladimir is telling and showing them what and how they have to play. He is ready to work with each one of them “note-by-note” in the studio to reach his target in the composition. It’s tough and exhausting process, taking quite some time. However I always appreciate the results. ”

“I would like to thank people and friends who helped me with this CD. My wife Tamara and my junior daughter Nastya for being very tough critics of my music, for their support, assistance with the CD design, their warmth and love.

Special thanks to Anton Kalugin for his assistance during the recording process, understanding and support and to Max Velichko (great guitar man).

Thanks to all the musicians who took part in this project – I am not an easy guy to work with.

Thanks to my old good friends Vitaliy Vasiliev, Igor Kolotov (stop bloody joking), Yuriy Danko, Igor Cherezov and Andrew Nazarenko, who were pushing me towards releasing of this CD. Great thanks to ex-Puntik musicians: Viktor, Radju Joshi, Robik, late Sergey “Vodolaz”and Georgiy, Gleb, Oleg and even Viktor “Jaco” – without you, guys, I could never made my musical ideas come true.

Separate thanks to Sergey Shulyma for his art work”.

Vladimir Gorashchenko.